Interview on Radio Exterior
Placeres mundanos – Luisa Bouloh, Marrush: Lebanese authenticity – 30 Dec 2012
(The interview begins with music by Nancy Ajram, Lebanese singer) said goodbye to the year preparing a very special dinner for new year’s Eve; or at least proposing the clues needed to know a cuisine so fascinating as unknown, Lebanese cuisine; I’m talking about the authentic Lebanese cuisine, which plays in exuberant way with legumes, vegetables and fruits; who is captivated by the Mediterranean, that is left to capture the elegance of French gastronomy, the exoticism of the Arab proposal and the fragrance of the Turkish cuisine.

Through our guest, Luisa Bouloh, and the authenticity of their proposal, Marrush, 25 years in Marbella, Puerto Banus.

We will travel to a seductive country, to discover some charms of its dishes, sweeping desserts and their most popular rhythms.